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Welcome to my wedding planning site.

For bride, groom and their parents, wedding is considered one of the most auspicious days in their lives.

As such a good wedding planning is deemed necessary to make this event as memorable as possible. It is also equally important to adopt the right wedding planning steps and ideas to ensure your wedding day running as smooth as possible.

To have a successful wedding planning requires you to have extensive time, patience, creativity and networking.

Therefore I have gathered and compiled some of the best tips and guides for you to learn and follow. Below are some of the featured articles which you might find interesting.

Guide to Preparing a Wedding - How to start planning your wedding? This is a general overview of this topic. It includes very basic information but it is not a step by step guide. There are ideas for planning your own wedding and some basic ideas of where to look for more information and help

How to Plan A Wedding Less Than $1000 - This is an article on planning a wedding for less than $1000. It gives ideas and tips for keeping expenses down and how to get some items and services at a reduced cost. This includes a lot of information on what to do about a wedding cake and other big items, which can be a huge problem.

Management Theory In Wedding Planning - Wedding planning management theory is the combination of wedding planning and good management skills. When a wedding planner applies good management theory to the process of planning and executing the wedding, a fabulous event occurs.

Posing Guide For A Wedding - What to photography and when. How to develop a relationship with your photographer, this is what the wedding checklist; photography should deal with. Using the tips described here your wedding photos will be a treasure forever.

Finding Downloadable Wedding Checklist - Every good wedding director needs a good wedding director checklist. This is the game plan for your wedding day and the week prior to your wedding. Getting it right is important. The wedding director, her checklist and the role they play in your wedding is laid out below.

Free Wedding Planning Insurance Guide - You are planning a wedding and there is so much to think about. The last thing on your mind is insurance. Wedding planning and insurance go hand in hand. Find out why.

Affordable Weddings On Cruise - Cheap wedding destinations are a great way to save on your wedding expenses. Some options like a wedding cruise can actually cut your expenses by more than half! By following some of these tips and suggestions, you will have more money in the bank and less of a credit card balance to pay off.

Simple Wedding Reception Menus - Wedding reception menus are a very important part of any wedding. This is what you will be serving your guests. Ideas from elaborate traditional meals to quick and elegant morning buffets are given here.

Wedding Cake Cutting Guide - A wedding cake cutting guide is necessary if you are cutting your won cake. Also, it can help you plan how large a cake you need for your guests.


Download FREE Insider Secrets to Creating Your Own $100,000+ Per Year Career Planning Weddings!

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