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Wedding Planning Catalogue

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What is a wedding planning catalogue? This is a book or books that you use to put together everything about your wedding. Some call them wedding planners. In our wedding planning catalogue you will have many items to start with. As you make and finalize decisions, the collection of materials will decrease greatly.

Contents of Wedding Planning Catalogue

Every wedding planning catalogue will be different, just as every bride and groom are different. You can use free or purchased software to create one or you can put together one yourself. Either way this catalogue should include everything about your wedding.

At first, you will begin to collect information from many vendors. Dresses, flowers, rings, cakes, caterers, wedding halls, musicians, photographers, and more will all have a space in your catalogue. Reap as much information as you can and then start to wade through it all to narrow down your choices.

Next, start to make decisions about what you want to do. If you are unsure about planning a wedding read a good book or two. One highly recommended book is The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner, by Carley Roney.

It’s available at just about any bookstore. Expect to pay about $12.00 for it. Not a huge expense and the information it contains can really help. Another helpful resource is the internet.

There are many free wedding planning catalogues out there and this can make your life easier because these catalogues have everything you need to think about already built in. This way nothing is left to chance and every detail of your wedding can be carefully planned.

So, you have your wedding planning catalogue ready, what next? Start making decisions. You will need to reserve a place to have your wedding, music, a photographer and caterers lined up at least a year in advance.

This is especially true if you are looking into very popular choices as they book quickly. Be prepared to make a deposit. Your catalogue should have music samples or wedding hymns from the DJ, band or CD. The caterer’s menu options should be in there as well.

Look at the brochures for wedding destinations and wedding or reception halls. If your wedding is going to be a small affair, you may want to look at reserving a favorite restaurant or hire a caterer and tents for your backyard. All of this is included in your wedding planning catalogue.

Once you start to make decisions, be sure to keep track of receipts and deposits and other payments. This is very important. If you stay organized, fewer things go awry.

You should also note important dates, such as when you need to finalize menus, music, flower arrangements, and more. By keeping all of this information organized and in one place, staying on top of your wedding plannings is easy.

You will not have to spin your wheels making phone calls already made and confirmations are made when they should be. Nothing could be worse than forgetting to confirm with one of the vendors.

Fitting times and schedules for your dress and the bride’s maid’s dresses should be in your catalogue. Your first fitting and subsequent fittings are important dates to keep.

Missing one of these appointments can result in dress not fitting well and last minute alterations are very expensive, if they can be made at all.

Overall, your wedding can be a well planned and wonderful event if you use a wedding planning catalogue. Now that you know what the contents of one should be, go out and start planning your big day!

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