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I never thought that flower arrangements and bouquets can be so expensive! I went to a few florists and decorators; the budget they gave me for decorating my wedding venue was way more than what I actually could afford. But then everyone knows the importance of flowers in wedding. A wedding venue without flower decorations is something which lacks luster and the true character of the occasion.

Since my wedding date was around the corner I started looking for alternatives. One of the closest one was artificial flowers and bouquets but they never had the potential to match with that of flowers. I started looking on the internet for some of the best and cheapest flowers available in and around my city.

In one of the search results I found a testimonial which was about an eBook known as “Create Your Own Wedding Flowers”. The person who wrote the testimonial suggested that the content of the book helped him save huge amount on his wedding day flowers and bouquets.
Since the book is written by a professional florist, I expected some worthy information in it. All that I took was a risk of $15.99 and what I got in return was savings worth $1000 or more. It is true that I did not expect a lot from the eBook but once I started reading the eBook, every page I came across something new.

For me the book handled majority of the flower arrangement that I wanted in my wedding. Many people think that you need a professional florist to have a proper, beautiful flower arrangement but this book had everything that I wanted without a florist! Though there may be situations where you may not get what you desire but then there would be something that would be close to ones you want. 

Many people think that it isn’t easy to decorate flowers; even I thought the same before going through this eBook. What made life easier for me were the detailed photographs. Every step that I read had a corresponding photo to it which ensures that nothing goes. The book taught me how to make 3 different varieties of bouquets, various types of wedding table centerpiece and boutonniere.

If anyone expects to use of this book and get results similar to that of the ones that were get to see in celebrity marriages, then this would be of no help. You should invest in the book only if you are working with a tight budget, if you have thousands of dollars to pay your florist then this would seem useless to you. I was looking to save on each and every aspect as I had a small budget for the wedding.

Paul Ajao the author of this wonderful eBook and a renowned florist has obviously come up with a wonderful piece of creation but then realistically speaking it is tough for any person to put in such effort before the wedding day. It is true that you can save money but then you would need someone to work and make the flower decorations.

On the day of my wedding my friends helped me immensely and thankfully everything was done before the guests could arrive. Though everything looked perfect there were certain things that looked out of place, after all we were not professional florists. The book is great without any doubt and it is obviously is an alternative to the expensive florists, only if you are short on budget.

One thing though which I now realize could have made my wedding venue look even more beautiful is with the help of people who have basic knowledge of gardening. It is not that you need professionals instead people with a minimum amount of knowledge may be all you need.  This would ensure all the flower decoration on your wedding day has somewhat perfect look. You can do it yourself too as the book is self-explanatory. My friends did it for me and believe me even though they did not look perfect, they looked good and better considering the fact that I saved myself from paying florists a few hundred or may be thousand dollars!


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