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Wedding Planning – Insurance

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You’re getting married! The first things running through your mind are probably your dress, your cake, your beautiful engagement ring, and hundreds of other things as well. What is the last thing you think about when wedding planning – insurance.

Wow! You need insurance? Yes you do. There are several types of insurances you should look into taking out. Let’s look at the different types of insurance to see if you need them in your situation.

First of all, there is event insurance. Even if you hold your wedding and reception in a reception hall, the facilities may require you to have special event insurance. This is to offload some of their liability to you.

A homeowner’s policy or umbrella policy will not cover this. If the facility you choose for your reception requires this, then you must have it. Even if they do not require it, it’s still a good idea.

This is especially true if you are having a large wedding or if you are serving alcohol. You can usually extend the coverage to include the rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony (if in a different location than the reception) and reception.

If you are holding the event at a private residence, be sure to check with the homeowner’s policy to see if they require additional insurance for the event.

The next type of wedding planning insurance policy to think about is cancellation insurance. If something unforeseen happens, God forbid, and the wedding cannot take place, you are protected against the cancellation fees that your vendors will want to collect from you.

Most vendors have a policy that allows for a full refund within a specific time frame. However, the closer to your wedding date, the less likely a full refund will be.

Some cancellation fess can be very steep. It’s always a good thing to have. The expense is well worth it if you need to use it.

Other insurances issues you should think about are the vendors insurance. You may want the wedding photographer, wedding planner, wedding director, caterer, etc. to show you a certificate of insurance.

This will protect you in the event of anything. By requiring the vendors to have insurance, you move some of the liability to them. In addition, many special event policies will not pay for a claim caused by a vendor.

When choosing wedding planning insurance be sure to know what you are buying. Read the policies and get all of your questions answered before you sign.

You can find this type of insurance through Bridal Association of America, or through your personal insurance agent. The Bridal Association of America offers a free wedding planner guide to insurance.

If you have automobile, renters, or homeowners insurance; you may want to talk to them before you look elsewhere.

Wedding planning insurance is not the first thing you think of when getting married. However, limiting the liability for you and your wedding guests is a great think. If it takes stress off of the bride and groom, it has to be good!

Download FREE Insider Secrets to Creating Your Own $100,000+ Per Year Career Planning Weddings!

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