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The Wedding Day Diet tried out various ways to cut down on the extra flab which I had nothing seemed to work for me! As my wedding date approached, I started looking for new and effective ways to lose weight quickly.

I again fell for some false promises made by a company that offered weight loss programs. Again all I lost was a few hundred dollars and nothing more. All that kept coming to my mind was people’s reaction on the wedding day. I was fat and my to-be wife was extremely slim, though we knew we were made for each other, our build-ups reflected exactly the opposite!

With less than a fortnight remaining I started searching the internet frantically for the best possible ways to lose weight. Luckily I bumped into an eBook: The Wedding Day Diet. To my surprise, this eBook promised results and had delivered results to people who followed the diet mentioned in the eBook. I wondered how can an ebook help in losing weight and that too when most of popular weight loss ways failed.
No doubt it was a well written eBook but the best thing about the book was the amount of information it furnished.

The book discusses about huge number of weight loss tricks with minor changes in diet; this is something which made me feel very comfortable. I knew that I had would have to be control the amount of food or the type of food that I have but this book had a different approach. Like many other books that promised weight loss by change in diet, this book had no intentions to make people starve.

According to me, what makes the book even better apart from the amount of information it holds are some tailor-made diet plans for weight loss. I was actually surprised to see that there were separate plans for people willing to lose weight in 6 days, 14 days, 30 days etc. Since my marriage was a fortnight away I started with a 14 day plan. Believe it or not on my wedding day I had lost nearly 10lbs! People said I looked great, so did my wife and I too felt lighter and fitter.

The excellent result made me continue with the weight loss diets suggested by the eBook. I wanted to lose some more pounds. The techniques in the book somehow seemed simple and known but we hardly seem to apply those in our day to day lives. I continued my pursuit of weight loss and started with another 14 day plan. I expected some excellent results but was quite disappointed as I did not get the results similar to the first attempt.

Whatever happens you need to agree that weight loss has something to do with time. It is true that ‘The Wedding Day Diet’ gives excellent short term results but in the long run, you simply cannot expect such rapid results. I must say that this eBook has been of extreme help to me, as it saved me from wedding day blues.

This book may be the perfect companion for anyone looking to lose weight as it would guide them through steps and ways to lose weight despite having a normal diet! Just like a few others I too agree that the book really is helpful and considering the price of the book i.e. $37 you simply cannot get anything better for such a price.

If you always thought that opting for strenuous work-outs is the only possible way on cutting down your weight, try these simple diets. Small changes in your diet may bring huge changes in your weight. If you really believe that diet can have an impact on your weight then this is the perfect one for you. 


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