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You Can Be a Wedding MC Review

You can be wedding MCMaster of Ceremony? Well I always knew this is something which I can never be. It is not that I am not a good speaker but then the thought of the speaking on a microphone in front of so many people seemed frightening. A MC has to be accurate and cannot make even a single mistake. This is something that always kept me away from the position otherwise it always looked attractive to me.

The problem came up only when my brother was about to get married. He wanted me to be the MC for his wedding and I had to agree to it.      
I did not know what to and things started looking tougher for me when I recalled the incident that happened a year ago when my cousin got married.

The MC in that occasion was completely helpless as people were drunk, children kept on making noise and he simply was not prepared to handle such a situation.  I knew I simply cannot let such things happen.
I frantically started searching the internet for tips for budding MC’s. I came across this eBook, “You Can Be a Wedding MC”. It seemed to cover everything that one needs to know. Without wasting time, I bought the book for $47 and started reading the eBook.

To my surprise the eBook covered everything that a MC needs to know in order to cope up with each and every situation. It did not take me long to read through the whole book but in the end I had completed almost everything that I needed to know. The book is written in such a manner that on reading the book you not only would become aware of various ways which you would need to manage during the course of the event but also on the lead-up to such occasions.

Though the things mentioned are not special ones in fact they are quite basic, but people with lack of experience and miss out on such aspects. The author, Pete Miller has himself played the role of MC in numerous occasions and is quite evident in the way he has written the book. He talks about basics to special situations that may arise in an event; you get to know exactly what you need to do in when. Considering the fact that the author himself has been the MC in 1000s of wedding it is only possible for him to go into such details.

I was actually satisfied as the book came up with quite a lot of information. It was comforting to read but then one thing I need to agree a real life experience is different from what you read. The claim which the author makes that on reading the book you would become a perfect MC is something which I do not completely agree to. I did a fairly good job as I knew how to go about the job of MC thanks to the, “You Can Be a Wedding MC” but I faced some jitters early on. With time though things started falling into place and by the time I finished the day’s proceedings I was more than an amateur MC.

From then on I have become a regular MC in various family and friends wedding. At times I do flip through the eBook and pick up some quality tips. Pete Miller did a fantastic job by writing this eBook and it not only is helpful for budding MCs but may be handy even for experienced MCs. After all you do not get an opportunity to get diversified tips from a person who himself is an expert when it comes to being a Master of Ceremony.


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