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Amazing Wedding Planning:

Among my cousins and friends of the same age group, I seemed to be the only one left. Each of them had had a great wedding ceremony, with several guests and slight extravagance. Although I was not in their league, I wished to have such a wedding for myself too. However, with my savings I felt it to be little outrageous, to even consider it. There were so many things that needed to be considered, instead of me daydreaming about a gala wedding. At that point it seemed to me that if I kept on wondering about such stuff, I would neglect the work at hand, but the thought was persistent.

There had to be a way to get both the ends to meet and thus, I started searching over the internet for wedding planners. There were quite few names, but the one that caught my eye was an eBook called Amazing Wedding Planning, the link to which I had opened by mistake. The person, who wrote the book claimed to have saved US $10,000 at her own wedding, which was a grand success. I finally found hope in the state of desperation that I was going through. It seemed that my dream to have a grand wedding would finally be true and I would not have to spend enormously as well.

While planning a wedding you need consider several aspects and then decide on a particular factor. Each of these matters was discussed thoroughly in the book. Starting from reducing the expense on alcohol by about 70%, to purchasing the wedding gown at the making price, rather than retail price, which is quite high. There were also tips to choose the wholesalers, stead of local florists, as they grow their own flowers and provide them at much cheaper rates. Accompanied by few tricks that helped me to slice down the expenses during shopping, there were points to take care of the catering as well.

To be honest, at certain occasions I found the points mentioned need not be stressed upon and overlooked them on the whole. You might have such occasions too, as you might not want to substitute something than what you have planned for. Nevertheless, these are not drawbacks, but excess, which may not be applicable to all those, who are going through the eBook. The surplus methods and ways of dealing with problems mentioned in it are quite astounding and praiseworthy at the same time. I could very easily pick out the things that I wanted to have at my wedding, without spending much on them and went on to plan the entire event.

When the day came, I was a little anxious about what would be the outcome, and how people would react to the arrangement. However, everything seemed to be perfect, and maybe even better than I had expected. The florists and decorators, along with the others involved, had done their jobs perfectly well. Towards the end of the reception that followed the party, the guests began to leave and congratulated us at our wedding and also praised the arrangement. I was quite proud of myself, and personally believe that the credit should be given to the guidelines mentioned in the Amazing Wedding Planning.

At a price of around US $39.95, this eBook is worth a lot and I cannot imagine anyone refusing to spend that meagre amount to save more than ten times. The guidelines that are mentioned in the eBook are really something, and I guess that I would keep it for my younger cousins to use. After all, who would not want to save tons of money, if it does not harm your style and interest?


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