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Choosing the right person to officiate your wedding:

It is widely acknowledged that the people discuss a lot on the reception of your wedding before the actual wedding day; therefore, this is where you have to focus all your attention and make sure everything turns out perfect. It is a good idea to see the people with whom you have arranged to officiate the wedding ahead of time to discuss about the event or any other details related to it.

Also, try to determine whether the officiant is willing to take into account your opinions regarding the ceremony. This would be a good occasion to see whether he is the appropriate person to officiate the wedding.  There are some things that you should take into consideration when you ask questions such as whether he wants to deliver a sermon or a speech, for instance.  In addition to this, is the officiant willing to show it to you to review it and when does he want to come for rehearsals?

Does he believe that you should have counseling before your wedding?

Does he mind introducing songs, vows or readings to make your celebration special? What will his costume look like?

Do you also need to bring the marriage license with you or do you have to sign it at the beginning of the ceremony?

Does he know anything about any sites for weddings if you have not zeroed in  one already?

If your officiant proves to be the site officiant also, are there any restrictions that you should know concerning videography, music, dress code, photography, decor or tossing items?

What kind of items does your officiant provide?Besides, what are the ones that you have to arrange by yourself? In this category there may be included pews, microphones, and isle runners.  Moreover, what fee will be charged for the ceremony for wedding ? or do they perceive it as a donation?

What things to take into account:

It is essential to note that his personality must be in accordance with the perspective of the officiant that is in your mind, since this would set the tone of the wedding.  Some are  more serious and behave in a more formal way, creating a sober atmosphere whereas others are more cordial and give an intimate air to the event.

However, if you are not related in any way with this individual, it is better to ponder over how comfortable you are with him  or if you would like him/her officiate the process because this it is the most important part of your wedding.  For example, when two people become husband and wife through the act of marriage, the officiant is actually the first one that declares it to the world.  It is extremely important to have an appointment with this person before giving him this extremely important role and making him part of the most valuable moments of your life.

Furthermore, do not avoid talking about personal issues before the wedding.  He/she can help you solve any spiritual or minor problems that may arise, such as family conflicts.

Finally, do not overlook the fact that the officiant has to be invited to dinner rehearsal as well. This would be a really nice thing from your part and will make a good impression. It is also a great opportunity to introduce him to the guests, in case they do not know who the individual that officiated the

Download FREE Insider Secrets to Creating Your Own $100,000+ Per Year Career Planning Weddings!

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