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Going to School For Wedding Planning

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So you want to become a wedding planner? Should you just hang out a shingle that says – wedding planner or is going to school for wedding planning a good idea?

The answer is; you should go to school. The reason is clear, planning weddings takes a lot of knowledge and organization. Acquiring these skills may not be as easy as you think.

Furthermore, schooling will give you information that you may not get anywhere. There are different options for wedding planning schools and we’ll look at those further.

The ACPWC or Association of Professional Wedding Consultants

The ACPWC has the distinction of being the only school for professional wedding consultants that certifies their graduates. Now in their 16th year of operation, they offer 5 day, weekend and home study courses.

They have several levels of certification and only those that are certified or professional certified are listed in their membership directory. This can be a great boost to you and your new business.

The home study course takes about 4 months to complete. Their tuition is reasonable, between $800 and $900 depending on the course of study chosen. They also have a well established wedding planing management theory as well.

Certification, will add credibility to your skills and listing on their membership roster can always be a plus. They also have a nationwide network of associates that you can speak with. Many areas have local chapters.

This type of networking is not normally available elsewhere and can be a very valuable asset, especially when you are first starting out. This is one way to quickly complete training for wedding planning.

Other Options

There are other online options for you. US Career Institute has a 4 month home study course in Wedding/Event Planning. They have special payment schedules for their tuition.

Accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC), it is another good choice for someone who is interested in going to school for wedding planning but cannot attend regular classes due to life circumstances.

This is only one of the hundreds of wedding planning schools available online. Before you decide on using a home study program for wedding planning, be sure that they are accredited. This way you will know that your education carries some weight.

You can also go to a regular on campus school and major in wedding or event planning. This type of curriculum is normally offered at a vocational school or at some community colleges. From there you can learn a lot on wedding planning processions as well.

You can either search the internet or look locally for a school that interests you. While they may be more expensive than online or home study courses, the benefit of regular on campus schools is that most of them offer job placement assistance.

In addition, you will be able to start making local contacts. This is something that online schools cannot offer you.

While online or home study courses may be ideal for those who are already working or for those who are at home with young children, on line campus courses off benefits that the other options do not.

No matter which way you decide, going to school for wedding planning is a requirement if this is the occupation you wish to pursue.

Download FREE Insider Secrets to Creating Your Own $100,000+ Per Year Career Planning Weddings!

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