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Ensuring that the bridesmaids are kept happy

When you are close to having a marriage ceremony, then your girlfriends will surely be the ones to support you during that period. For instance, when you are planning this most important moment in your life, the sentiments and the stakes involved are extremely high.

By your side, you will be having the bridesmaids, to give you strength and courage to carry on and to motivate you enough to organize the wedding in a beautiful way.

Remember that across the years, the friends that are now your bridesmaids have supported you morally a lot and they have been there for you whenever you needed them. Therefore, you need to somehow, show your sign of appreciation for their friendship and support throughout the time you have been girlfriends.

The thing is that during the wedding, a lot of things can go wrong. People might complain about the dresses for the bridesmaids, or about the planning of the wedding and you might be the one targeted because after all, it was your wedding and you were the one organizing it.  Thus, even all the support in the world cannot hold on to the pressure when such things happen.

Even though you are going through unhappy moments in your life, you should not allow things to slip away; in the wedding planning, you should be able to support yourself morally and do not forget the friends that have been on your side for so long.

The communication

Strong relationships need communication and this is a proven fact. You might have noticed that in order to maintain the status of open communication with anyone, you need to devote some time to that relationship, depending on the degree of closeness that you have. The same thing happens with the girlfriends, so you need to keep lines of the communication open and do not ruin in a way the degree of closeness that you have.

Email is a good thing to keep in touch, especially if you are living at a long distance. Moreover, phone calls can also be used because thus you will be hearing one another regularly. Meet ups, if possible are also an alternative to keep in touch. Remember that even though you are constantly sending one another emails, you might not establish true communication that way. Ask your friends about their lives and problems, and try to be there for them.

The night out for the girls

You should organize at a certain point, the night out for the girls. You might want to do a lot of planning in advance, but remember to organize such a things for your girlfriends, because you after all need their support and it will be a great idea to catch up on the things happening lately in their lives. Thus, you need to write some sort of email, announcing them of the upcoming event and let them know in time that you are planning to go out for a while. While your friends might be occupied, they will still appreciate the fact that you have gotten in touch to  them and that you will be able to set up another appointment, sometime in the future.
Ask them to become involved in your plans. Wedding plans should be something of a collective gathering. You cannot possibly do all the things by yourself and therefore, you should use the occasion for some fun to be spent together. For instance, you need to remember that your friends are not obligated to show up and help you with things, so if they choose not to get involved, then you should be fine with it. Also, they are not expected to spend long hours filling in your envelopes. Therefore, you should be careful at what you can do and what you should not do. Having your closest female friends with you involved in the making of the wedding is certainly something of an extreme importance.

Remember to keep in touch with the bridesmaids in time and also maintain the friendship you have with them. They are your girlfriends and they have devoted encouragement as well as friendship for you, and you should thus feel to do the same thing as they did for you.

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