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Cheap Wedding Destinations

How Much Do Destination Weddings Cost?

Looking for cheap wedding destinations? It’s a great idea considering how much a wedding and honeymoon can cost. There are many options to choose from when looking for low cost wedding destinations.

You need to decide if you want to fly, drive or cruise to a specific destination as the cost varies considerably.

How Much Do Weddings Cost

It depends on the wedding but on average the typical wedding can run from $15,000 - $30,000. This depends largely on where you are getting married and the time of year.

The above figures do not include the honeymoon which depending on your destination can run almost as much as the wedding itself. Finding cheap wedding destinations is important.

First, try getting married in off peak times. Most weddings take place from May through October. If you avoid this time frame and major holidays (including Valentine’s Day) you should be able to keep costs way down.

Disney always has great discounts in the off season. Check with a travel agent or online discount travel website like

Other options for cheap wedding destinations include staying within driving distance to avoid airfare, camping at a national park, or unusual destinations.

For example Howe Caverns in upstate NY offers weddings in their “chapel” in the cave. On the floor is a heart shaped formation.

Not for everyone, but it’s unusual and off season the rates can be a great value. If you go off season, dress warm.

You can have an affordable wedding on a cruise! If you want all the glitz and glamour but none of the expense involved, a wedding cruise is for you. Compared to the average wedding, a cruise wedding is about half the cost and you celebrate for a week.

There are some really great destinations and packages available. If you want a big wedding onboard the ship and wish to have all of the guests travel with you, it will cost you big time.

There are ways to keep this cost down (Check out Wedding Planning Budget List). Many cruise lines – Carnival, Norwegian, and Princess all offer the ability to have a reception prior to the ship setting sail.

You can have your party before and then you and a few of your closest friends and relatives can take the cruise. All of these cruise lines offer private as well as non-private wedding receptions, onboard receptions, choice of ship’s “clergy” or yours, and many other options as well.

Most cruises will cost a couple about $750, double that for deluxe packages, and add to it if you are paying for wedding guests to cruise with you. However, the music, cake, reception, champagne toast are all included.

These cruises are a great way to have a first class bash without the first class price tag.

Another very romantic cruise would be a Windjammer Barefoot Cruise. These are restored large sailing ships, complete with center masts and sails.

Absolutely majestic and grand, these beautiful ships are very reminiscent of the whaling ship in Moby Dick. For a great romantic cruise with a little twist on the unusual, this is the way to go.

These cruises are very affordable. However, you cannot have an onboard reception due to the space limitations. However, an on shore party is more than acceptable.

The ships only hold a maximum of 120 passengers, so you need to book early, especially if you have a larger number of guests traveling with you.

There are many ways to make your wedding day special. Using cheap wedding destinations will save you money and your guests will never know you didn’t spend a fortune.

Download FREE Insider Secrets to Creating Your Own $100,000+ Per Year Career Planning Weddings!

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