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Wedding Director Checklist

Small Wedding Checklist For Wedding Planners

The wedding director is considered one of the most important people involved in your wedding. The role of the wedding director is to keep your special day running like clockwork.

When it is well managed, nobody notices. If the wedding is poorly managed everyone notices; guests are left feeling awkward and uncomfortable, photographers and caterers no not what to do.

So how do you make sure that everything goes according to plan? This is where the wedding director checklist comes in.

The importance of the wedding director cannot be overstated. Many times your wedding consultant or wedding planner acts as the wedding director.

Other times, these are different people. Many people in order to save money, plan the wedding themselves and hire a director to run the wedding. In order to be able to run things, your wedding director needs a wedding coordinator checklist.

What should be included on the wedding director checklist - the whole timing of the wedding and reception. You need to convey the times of the rehearsal dinners, before wedding photographs, the service time, arrival of the wedding party and guests for the ceremony, the music at the ceremony and reception, flower delivery, cake delivery and cutting, and every little detail you can imagine.

For help on knowing what to include there are many downloadable wedding checklists available for free. A search on the internet will give you hundreds of checklists to choose from . Go with one that works well for your situation. Downloadable wedding checklists can be a bride’s best friend.

Small Wedding Checklist

Even small weddings need a wedding director checklist. Your small wedding checklist may not be as detailed as an elaborate wedding, but it is still of utmost importance.

There are lots of things tat a wedding director might need to know especially when it comes to planning a wedding processional.

Your wedding director still needs to know the timing of the events at the reception so they can coordinate the music and other details. They need to know when the bride is going to walk down the aisle so that the correct music can be played.

She makes sure that the wedding party is all in the proper places and that the guests are seated before the bride and groom enter. Small wedding actually need more attention than large elaborate ones do.

Usually they have tighter schedules, and timing is of tremendous importance. This is very true not only a t the ceremony but at the reception as well. Small weddings with small budgets leave less room for error.

If your open bar runs over the allowed time limit, your bill for the alcohol could far exceed what you planned on. A good checklist will prevent these minor but costly mistakes from happening.

The Wedding Checklist Planner

Your wedding planner becomes the wedding checklist once all of the details have been finalized. You should keep a copy and give one to your wedding director.

This way both of you will know what exactly is going on. As your big day approaches, the wedding director will become increasingly busy, wrapping up final details with the musicians, photographers, caterers, flowers, etc.

With seemingly no effort at all, everything falls into place. Your wedding day goes without a hitch. The guests were happy and the whole day ran like a well oiled machine. You were able to relax and enjoy yourself instead of worrying about all of those little details. You could even think of what to do during holiday in your wedding destinations

The time you spent with your new spouse was greatly enjoyed. This is what your wedding director will do. With a well developed wedding director checklist, your wedding will be the day you’ve always dreamed about.

Download FREE Insider Secrets to Creating Your Own $100,000+ Per Year Career Planning Weddings!

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