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Be Fearless, Funny and Flawless! , How to be Witty and Well Prepared! and Words of Love

Planning a wedding can prove to be really difficult, especially when it is of your elder sister. The responsibilities are quite high, and you are expected to do everything on time. Things get even worse when there are other things worrying your mind, in between these chores. My would-be brother-in-law chose me to be his best man, as he was new to this place and was not acquainted to many. It obviously followed that I were to deliver the best man speech at the wedding reception; along with my parents delivering their own speeches.

Worried over the wedding plans, we did not pay much attention to preparing our speeches. A week prior to the wedding, father called me for suggestions regarding his speech, followed by mother. Well! I was not the only one worried out there! There seemed to be only one option at hand, someone had to get our speeches ready for us, as there was no time to think. Even then, I tried looking up a few websites, trying to find few sample speeches from these occasions. With five days remaining, it was as if I was blessed – as I encountered few eBooks written down especially for weddings. They included best man speeches, father and mother of bride speeches, along with some others.

It seemed our problems would be solved easily, and I procured all three of them named – Be Fearless, Funny and Flawless! , How to be Witty and Well Prepared! and Words of Love! Each of these books was unique in their purpose, and served really well, with the abundant information present in them. By going through the books, one could experience the circumstances, under which the several speeches that were mentioned could be delivered. There were different speeches for similar occasions and also, guidelines helping us to build similar speeches on our own. There was nothing to consider, and we started off!

We could not have been happier on the day of the wedding, with each of us delivering grand speeches and me finishing with the toast. It seemed that oration ran down in our family bloodline and the guests praised us for our words of wisdom and hearty laughs. I was also thanked by my parents for having got the books in time, which helped them and me to great extent. Thanks to the guidelines that were put down in the eBook, we could mould a speech of our own and deliver it with confidence, in front of all the guests. It was a welcome experience for us and hopefully it would prove helpful during my own wedding.

The best thing about the eBook is that you do not have to pick and choose from huge pile of speeches; instead you could simply follow the guidelines and read through the few speeches that are mentioned. By doing this alone, you will find yourself with a speech that can help you to break the ice in front of a huge audience at the reception. Keeping our success as an example, I am pretty sure that this collection could prove beneficial for anybody, who wishes to score at the reception and grab the attention over to their side.

Another major advantage of having these eBooks is that, you may get back your money on being disappointed. You must report within 60 days about the failure of the guide, in your case and you would be reimbursed. However, I do not think that condition would turn out, as these are pretty well written guidelines, simple and easy to follow. Having such great opportunity at hand, at such an easy price, people must take their chances and make the most of it.


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