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Wedding Planning on a Budget - wedding planner

Due to the recent economic downturn, I lost my job and was also on verge of losing my girlfriend. It all happened when I proposed marriage to my childhood friend Lindsay and she directed me towards her father. To my surprise he seemed to be very supportive. All he said was things would seen be fine and I would have a job better than what I had but he wanted me to get married to Lindsay soon.  The wedding date was agreed upon when my family and Lindsay’s father met.

With the wedding day approaching fast, I started thinking of the expenses. Clearly it never seemed to be a low-budget affair. Since I had been unemployed for almost 6 months, the savings too were nearing end and I knew with such an amount I simply could not manage my wedding. Since I was vested with no other option I started looking for things that were cheap and good.

I found it to be a herculean task to search for everything that a wedding required and that too the cheapest ones. This is when my fiancé helped me immensely; she gifted an eBook to me that had something to do with a proper wedding budget planning. To be very frank, I did not like her spending on a gift considering the fact that I was running around to save each and every dollar I could. But somehow Wedding Planning on a Budget seemed to be the attract me from the very start.

Before I started going into the details of the book, I checked out some of the testimonials. It seemed as if I am not the lone person fighting against all the odds to manage a marriage with tight finance. The thought that many people have faced the same scenario and have found their way out with the help of this eBook was motivating, even I started thinking maybe it can help me out.

I started reading the eBook and found that what it claims is somewhat true. It comes up with various ways to help people working with a fixed budget to get the best out of their wedding. From the dresses to the flower everything is been taken care of, whatever amount you have the book guides to make the full use of it. 

One good thing about the book is that it deals with almost everything from the planning stages of the marriage to honeymoon. For me too it was the same it is not that I had a very tight budget, I never thought that I would get so much with of $8,000 budget. I and my wife really are grateful to the authors for making such a wonderful compilation.

There are things though that I did not like in the book; the authors in the book even mention that  it is possible to make an excellent wedding even when you are ready to spend around $500. It simply is not feasible that you have a fun-filled wedding ceremony with such a cramped budget, as everything stays restricted. For all those who have an open budget this book would be of no help to them. Considering the fact that the authors of this wonderful book Tim and Lisa Spooner have themselves saved more than $20,000 in their own wedding says a lot about the book. This book is one for those who are willing to save money and not for those who are looking to spend more and more.

If you are looking to get some ideas then this may be a good option. Ultimately you would be the one who would have to plan everything, the book talks about ways to spend and it helps you plan but not implement. As we all know that planning isn’t an easy task and this ebook would help you get started with your wedding preparation and directs you to some killer budget plans. Making the most of your weddings is possible with any budget all you need to do is plan accordingly. Majority of the cases proper planning isn’t possible, as there are so many things that need to be taken care of. You may try this book out; it helped me who know it may even help you only if you have a fixed budget working for you.


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